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Paca This and Beyond supports a member base with farms across North America so there is bound to be one near you. Find one here and set up a visit today!

About Paca This And Beyond

Paca This and Beyond is a group of dedicated and caring alpaca owners and breeders who... Read More

Welcome to Paca This and Beyond!

Paca This and Beyond is an industry­-wide group of individual alpaca owners, breeders and enthusiasts working together to increase alpaca awareness and to create a powerful marketing presence without the constraints of state boundaries.

We are a full­-blown marketing group, not a new organization oraffiliate of the national organization. Paca This and Beyond is an easy to use sales tool supported by Openherd, the single largest alpaca marketplace in North America! We appreciate you visiting our member farms.

Sit back, click through listings and enjoy viewing some of the BEST alpacas and alpaca products available in North America today!